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Máy lọc dầu di động AFO6M-30-003

Mã : AFO6M-30-003
Giá NY: 386.235.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 336.000.000VNĐ
Máy ép thủy lực khung chữ C

Máy ép thủy lực khung chữ C 100 tấn A20-100

Mã : A20-100
Giá NY: 365.232.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 259.969.000VNĐ
Máy lọc dầu di động AFO3M-30

Máy lọc dầu thủy lực AFO3M-15

Mã : AFO3M-15
Giá NY: 26.850.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 24.699.000VNĐ
Xi lanh thủy lực Inox AMS2-TS-63/45-100-B1-I

Xi lanh thủy lực Inox AMS2-TS-63/45-100-B1-I

Mã : AMS2-TS-B1-I
Giá NY: 12.522.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 9.925.000VNĐ
Xi lanh thủy lực ISO 6022

Xi lanh thủy lực AMF3-TS-160/100-100-B2

Mã : AMF3-TS-B2
Giá NY: 62.535.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 60.775.000VNĐ
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Geared potentiometer GP44

Geared potentiometer
Geared potentiometer
Geared potentiometer GP44

Geared potentiometer GP44

Giá bán:Liên hệ

Lượt xem: 993


Geared potentiometer

Overview: SIKO geared potentiometers

   Absolute rotary encoders with analog output signal. The measured value is picked up via a potentiometer adjusted to the overall measurement range via an internal gearing.

Geared potentiometers

   Potentiometric rotation angle transducers are becoming increasingly important in analog measuring applications requiring high-quality industrial measurement results today due to their excellent cost-benefit ratio.

A Design and functionality of geared potentiometers

   A geared potentiometer comprises two main components. One is a measuring gear with precision gear wheels. The other is an electric resistor element with a variable resistance value that is adjusted by turning. The gear unit and potentiometer are assembled at the works with minimum backlash. The integrated slip clutch used in multi-coil potentiometers serves to prevent overrunning of the mechanical stops. A geared potentiometer therefore emits an ohmic output signal that is proportional to the number of turns.

Applications of geared potentiometers

   Multi-coil hybrid potentiometers are particularly suitable for applications with a long service life and low signal noise, for example as a position sensor in position control loops of dancer potentiometers for paper processing, textile machines, slewing systems and lifting gear of crane and excavator systems or actuators in power plants and chemical plants. The geared potentiometers equipped with wire or plastic resistor elements supply current or voltage signals of 4 - 20mA as well as 0 - 10V with optional, integrated analogue R/I or R/U transducers. All transducers feature trimmers with which the output signal of the respective angle deflection of the transmitter can be adjusted. Oil-filled potentiometers of protection category IP65 or IP68 are available for measuring points in extremely soiled or wet environments.

The right measuring instrument for each application

   Our incremental rotary encoders are more suitable for endless rotational applications, for example rotation measurement or non-contacting measuring assignments as well as applications involving shocks or vibration. Digitally communicating position sensors and rotation angle sensors are available in the Absolute rotary encoders sector. Measurement indicators in the Electronic displays section round off the product range. The RotoLine catalogue provides the best summary of the systems and is available for download from the RotoLine: rotary encoders.


   + Long service life

   + Optimized design

   + Absolute measurement

   + Versatile analog signal on the encoder output

   + Easy integration thanks to hollow and solid shaft technologies

   + Numerous gear transmission ratios to enable adjustment to customer's measuring range.

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     - Sản phẩm được bảo hành 12 tháng nên bạn có thể yên tâm khi sử dụng;

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Model: GP44

With solid or blind hole shaft

Profile GP44:

+ Extremely resistant to external influences

+ Solid or blind-hole hollow shaft, max. Ø 20 mm

+ Adaptation to various measurement distances owing to a wide range of gear ratios

+ Integrated slip clutch to protect the potentiometer

+ Potentiometer or power output

+ IP65 protection category

+ Up to 3 cam-operated switch outputs, freely adjustable

Xuất xứ: GERMANY.

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