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Máy lọc dầu di động AFO6M-30-003

Mã : AFO6M-30-003
Giá NY: 386.235.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 336.000.000VNĐ
Máy ép thủy lực khung chữ C

Máy ép thủy lực khung chữ C 100 tấn A20-100

Mã : A20-100
Giá NY: 565.232.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 480.266.000VNĐ
Máy lọc dầu di động AFO3M-30

Máy lọc dầu thủy lực AFO3M-15

Mã : AFO3M-15
Giá NY: 26.850.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 24.699.000VNĐ
Xi lanh thủy lực Inox AMS2-TS-63/45-100-B1-I

Xi lanh thủy lực Inox AMS2-TS-63/45-100-B1-I

Mã : AMS2-TS-B1-I
Giá NY: 12.522.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 9.925.000VNĐ
Xi lanh thủy lực ISO 6022

Xi lanh thủy lực AMF3-TS-160/100-100-B2

Mã : AMF3-TS-B2
Giá NY: 62.535.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 60.775.000VNĐ
Máy ép thủy lực bốn trụ

Máy ép thủy lực bốn trụ 200 tấn AHPT200T

Mã : AHPT200T
Giá NY: 515.000.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 489.000.000VNĐ
Bộ Nguồn Thủy Lực AMECH

Bộ nguồn thủy lực cho hai xi lanh AHP02C-2S

Mã : AHP02C-2S
Giá NY: 26.950.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 21.300.000VNĐ
Xi lanh thủy lực AMP5-RB-63/35/100

Xi lanh thủy lực AMP5-RB-63/35/100

Mã : AMP5-RB
Giá NY: 2.350.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 1.950.000VNĐ
Xi lanh thủy lực AMF3-RB-80/50-100

Xi lanh thủy lực AMF3-RB-80/50-100

Mã : AMF3-RB
Giá NY: 3.329.000VNĐ
Giá bán: 3.150.000VNĐ
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Electronic position indicator AP10

Electronic position indicator
Electronic position indicator
Electronic position indicator AP10

Electronic position indicator AP10

Giá bán:Liên hệ

Lượt xem: 686


Electronic digital position indicators

Electronic position indicators for exact adjustment control of spindles

   Freely programmable absolute position indicators, also with bus interface for specification of target value or transmission of actual value.

Wide array of position indicators for spindles and axes

   Mechanical position indicators are already used on many axes or spindles to display position values. From a formal perspective, Electronic digital position indicators are a logical further development of their mechanical counterparts. Both variants of the position indicators (mechanical or electronic) belong to the product line PositionLine: Position indicators. Thanks to comparable external dimensions and the trusted attachment principle on the shaft, it only takes a few minutes to convert the mechanical spindle displayto a spindle positioning system that can be programmed electronically.

Electronic-digital position indicators of the DE range

   The electronic digital displays of the DE range are a sensible alternative to mechanical counters in particular in cases where no suitable gear ratios are available for the mechanical versions. Because they can be programmed at will, the user can also choose to display positive and negative display values or to work in angle mode. The programming software ProTool DE is mainly of interest in special machine construction, because it allows for parameterization of the electronic displays directly prior to assembly on adjustment spindles.

Electronic-digital position indicators of the AP range with bus interface

   The electronic position indicators from the AP range also have a bus interface. In bus-controlled operation, target values and actual values can be exchanged between the individual absolute position indicators and an upstream control unit.

Fieldbus and Ethernet communication for positioning displays of the AP range

   Besides the RS485 and CAN bus interfaces, additional interfaces can be realized by means of a protocol converter such as Profibus, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, CC-Link, DeviceNet. Functional modules, which facilitate the configuration of the electronic displays in the programming environment of your control are available for selected interfaces and controllers.


Electronic position indicators are focused on the user

   This monitored spindle adjustment offers significantly better process reliability and shortens setup times for format adjustment. At the same time, this increases machine efficiency and the viability of the production equipment. The target value is displayed directly on the axle and the correct actual value entered manually is reported back, making incorrectly set stops and tool positions a thing of the past. The overall unit is not approved until all spindle positions have been reported as correct. As a result, there is no longer any scrappage or damaged tools due to incorrectly set adjustable axles.

Also possible - linear measurement with position indicators from SIKO

   By the combination of spindle position display AP10 or AP05, linear measurement system AP10S or AP04S and setpoint display AP10T or AP24 you can cover all adjustment points of a machine within the framework of monitored format adjustment. The hollow shaft construction allows the spindle displays AP10 and AP05 to be attached directly to an adjustment axis. The position displays AP10S and AP04S serve as positioning systems for slide adjustments in conjunction with the linear sensor MS500H. The remote displays AP10T and AP24 can be used to specify target values for format pieces or tool change directly on the machine module concerned.

Reliably and easily readable electronic position indicators

   In an industrial environment, our customers especially appreciate the precise and reliable recording of measurement values offered by the electronic position indicators. The movement of the axis is then no longer recorded using a gear, but in a touchless manner – using either a magnet or a capacitor. The magnetic measurement method is particularly robust and resilient to dirt or vibration and is suitable for use in particularly rough environments. The generous LCD display technology also allows for a clear reading of the respective position values. A typical application: The stop adjustment on cross-cut saws depends on very precise display values. Additional flexibility is offered by the incremental measurement function implemented and by entering offset values.

The AP range is used even in more complex machine environments for easy-to-manage, semi-automated adjustment processes. The “team-based” communication is standardized, and incorrect adjustments are immediately visible in bus-operated mode.


   + Freely programmable display values (spindle pitch, sense of rotation and decimal place)

   + Linear or angular mode

   + Reset function

   + Display of positive and negative values

   + High display accuracy

   + Easy battery change Mechanically compatible with mechanical position indicators

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     - Sản phẩm trước khi xuất xưởng luôn được kiểm tra nghiêm ngặt;

     - Sản phẩm được bảo hành 12 tháng nên bạn có thể yên tâm khi sử dụng;

    - Trang web bán hàng của Công ty AMECH đã đăng ký và được kiểm tra bởi Bộ Công Thương (link đến thông tin của AMECH tại trang web của Bộ Công Thương ở phía cuối trang web) nên bạn có thể yên tâm khi mua hàng.


Model: AP10

With bus interface

Profile AP10:

+ Electronic position indicator with bus interface

+ Stainless-steel hollow shaft ø20 mm, up to ø25.4 mm as an option

+ Backlit display

+ Two-line LCD for target and actual values

+ Reset, incremental measurement, offset via keyboard

+ Integrated RS485 interface, CAN bus as an option

+ Robust sensor technology unit thanks to magnetic scanning

+ User guidance through status LEDs

+ Mechanically compatible with the DA09S position indicator

+ IP53 type of protection, IP65 as an option

Xuất xứ: GERMANY.

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